Unlock the full potential of your eye cream with 5 simple secrets

Unlock the full potential of your eye cream with 5 simple secrets

Eyes are the windows to the soul, not to mention, the most active muscles in the body. They look, they laugh and they love. It’s no wonder they are first to reveal unwanted signs of aging, stress, and fatigue. Eye cream is the eye’s best friend. How do you get the most from this friendship? Follow this quick guide to unlock 5 simple secrets for maximum eye cream results. 
  1. ✭ Start with Clean Skin:

    Ensure the eye area is clean and free from makeup, dirt and oils that might hinder the absorption of the cream. As most eye creams are applied using the fingers, which is recommended by many dermatologists, clean hands are a must. You do not want to introduce any germs around the eye area.

  2. ✭ Less is More:

    Heavily applying eye cream will not increase its efficacy. Excess product can lead to irritation and even cause milia (tiny white bumps that can form when the skin is clogged with product). Keep in mind eye creams are highly concentrated products, so even a thin layer proves effective.

  3. ✭ Layering with Care:

    As a general rule, apply eye cream before heavier products like moisturizers and sunscreen. Why? This increases the chances the eye cream will penetrate the skin without any extra hindrance, maximizing its benefits.

  4. ✭ Technique How-to:

    Use a clean finger to dot the cream along the orbital bone that surrounds the eye. Don’t get too close to the eye, as the cream will spread a little. Gently tap the cream into the skin using the weakest finger, the ring finger. Whatever you do, don’t rub. The skin around the eyes is incredibly delicate and wrinkle-prone requiring a soft touch to minimize the risk of stretching or damaging the skin.  

  5. ✭ Consistency is Key:

    Achieving optimal results with eye cream requires consistency. Incorporate eye cream into your daily skincare routine, and don't be discouraged if you don't see immediate results. The magic happens over time, with regular and dedicated use. Most eye creams are meant to be applied twice daily to ensure the skin around the eyes receives the maximum benefits and protection throughout the day and night.
The selection of eye creams is endless. You can choose to target a specific eye issue, choose an all-in-one solution, or whatever product suits your lifestyle and budget. Whichever you choose, keep in mind these simple secrets and unlock the full potential of your eye cream. Your eyes will thank you for it.

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